FlowBotics Developer Zone

So you've read about FlowBotics Studio and want to start making apps to sell through the RobotShop App Store. In this section, you should be able to find all the information you need to do just that.

Getting Started

FlowBotics Studio is a software development platform to create apps for your robots. Apps are primarily made using the FlowBotics graphical programming language, but can also include some blocks of Ruby textual code. If you haven't yet starting making projects in FlowBotics, we recommend starting with this tutorial.

Modifying a Project from the App Store

If you want to learn FlowBotics Studio by modifying an existing app, the Phidgets series of apps were designed to be make this very easy. We've made a great tutorial on how to make changes to the Phidget 8/8/8 App.

Modifying a Project that came with FlowBotics Studio

If you are modifying one of the Lynxmotion projects that is included with FlowBotics Studio, this programming guide will show you where to make changes.

Implementing Serial Protocols

Many hardware devices communication with the computer using a serial protocol. Some are simple ASCII-based protocols, but others can be more complex binary ones that require checksums. No matter, both can easily be made in FlowBotics. Here's a Lynxmotion SSC-32 Protocol Tutorial which is ASCII-based and a Dynamixel Protocol Tutorial which is binary.

Making an App from Scratch

Starting with FlowBotics Studio version 3.0.7, everyone can now generate their own FlowBotics App. These apps are standalone Windows programs (EXEs) that have an integrated activation system which make them ready to sell in the RobotShop App Store. Here's how to convert your project into an app.

Publish to App Store and Make Money

Once you have your FlowBotics App done, you'll probably want to sell it through the RobotShop App Store.

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